February 11, 2019






1. The league name shall be the Comox Valley Men’s Dart Association, thereafter referred to as the CVMDA.

2. The CVMDA will adhere to and abide by all rules and regulations set out by the official N.D.F.C. playing rules.

3. The objective of the CVMDA shall be:

a. To improve and foster the playing of darts in the Comox Valley, and promote proper dart etiquette.
b. To institute and regulate competition in darts among its members and arrange such games as will serve the best interests of darts.
c. To declare annually, CVMDA champions in each classification as defined in the league bylaws.

4. Membership shall consist of any permanent British Columbia resident, of legal drinking age, who upon paying the appropriate membership fees agrees to conform to the constitution, bylaws   and playing rules as enacted and amended from time to time.

5. Annual membership fees to be set by the executive and passed by a Team Captains Vote prior to season start.

6. The boundary limits of the CVMDA playing area to be set by CVMDA bylaws

7. The executive officers shall be the President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, and Statistician.
a. The executive shall consist of the executive officers and the immediate past President.
b. The term of officers shall be one (1) year following the general election. No person shall be elected president unless he has served at least one term on the executive (or by majority vote of the membership)
c. The executive shall be responsible for and shall control the affairs of the CVMDA on behalf of the membership.
d. No executive, with exception of the statistician, shall receive monetary compensation for carrying out his duties.
e. The executive shall have the power to fill any vacancy which occurs in its numbers.
f. The President of the CVMDA shall chair all league meetings, be charged with the general organization, management and supervision of the affairs and operations of the CVMDA.
g. The Vice-president of the CVMDA shall assist the President. In case of disability or absence of the President, the Vice-president shall assume the duties of President.
h. The Treasurer of the CVMDA shall keep an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed through a chartered bank or trust company, prepare and present the annual statement at the annual general meeting to the league members.
NOTE: Any two executive positions, with exception of President may be combined if advantageous.
i. The Secretary of the CVMDA shall keep an accurate report of the proceedings of executive and membership meetings, the custodian of minutes, records, reports and other documents belonging to the CVMDA. Receive communications and conduct correspondence at the direction of the President.
j. The Statistician of the CVMDA shall maintain an accurate account of games played, wins, losses, and points for each team and player, and will make standings available to each captain on a weekly basis. He shall also pass on information from the Executive to the captains and members via the regular standings sheet. He will be responsible for scheduling of all games throughout the season. Shall provide a schedule no less than one (1) week prior to commencement of play.

8. The annual meeting(s) for the election of officers and for rules, bylaws or constitution changes, shall be held at the end of the dart season at the Awards Night, prior to distribution of awards.

9. No amendments or alterations shall be made to this constitution except at the Annual Meeting and only by a two-thirds vote. Written notice of proposed amendments, by the general membership, must be given to the league secretary at least 30 days prior to season end. Compiled amendments must be given to the standing Executive, Team Captains at least 14 days prior to season end for review prior to voting at the Annual Meeting.

10. All participating teams in the league must have at least one representative at all league meetings.

11. Pre-season league meetings will consist of the following:
a. Minimum 3 weeks prior to commencement of schedule – Executive and Team Captains Meeting
b. One (1) week prior to commencement of schedule – Final Team registration and payment


1. All score sheets are to be forwarded to the statistician NO LATER THAN 1530 hrs. on the Monday following the Thursday game. Methods of delivery to be determined at the beginning of the season and made known to all Team Captains no less than one week prior to schedule commencement.
a. Failure to turn in Score Sheets by the above-mentioned time will result in forfeiture of all points earned.
b. Failure to turn in Score Sheets on more than 2 consecutive weeks may result in team being removed from the league.
c. Should a Score Sheet be misplaced, lost or destroyed, game points will be awarded based on the oppositions Score Sheet. Team members of the offending team, at the Executive’s discretion, may no longer be eligible to receive individual awards for Average or Improved Average from Last Season.
d. Score sheets shall be fully completed and legible. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of illegible games or scores.

2. Games that are postponed shall be reported to the statistician with an estimate date for the make-up game.
a. Make-up games shall be played as soon as can be reasonably arranged (within 2 weeks would be ideal).
b. If a team cannot be fielded on a given night, the oppositions Team Captain and Statistician must be informed more than 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of all games.

3. The boundaries for the league are north to Black Creek, south including Royston, east to Cumberland and include all of Courtenay and Comox.

4. Spare is defined as a player that is not registered with a team. The team the spare plays for is responsible to pay $5.00 for each of the first two times played and if called a third time the player pays the remaining monies to bring the total paid to that of a full time player with that team. Monies are to be forwarded within 2 weeks to the Treasurer or any Executive member.
a. Make note on the stats sheet who received payment, when, what and for whom the payment was made.

5. The playing format will be a set of 6 (six) singles games followed by 6 (six) doubles games per sheet and two sheets being played, per night, for a total of 24 games.
a. The minimum number of players required to be able to play for the night is 4 with no penalty imposed. Teams can play with 3 players if necessary, but will forfeit 2 (two) singles games and 1 (one) doubles game per side, for a total of 6 (six) default games.
b. In the event that a team has a player arrive late but before the next default game he may play and no default will occur.
c. Spares may be called upon if needed.
d. Registered players from another team shall not play for another team, at any time.

6. Rotation of players is at the discretion of the Team Captain. Teams must ensure that each player plays as equal a number of games, as is possible, depending on the number of players that team has available on a given night. There will be no tolerance for teams giving playing preference to the better calibre player(s).

7. Coaching. Dart players are to step back from the toe line if they require assistance with the breakdown of their score. At no time should any player provide shot preferences to a player while he is at the toe line.

8. The chalker may only inform the shooter, if requested, of the amount scored and total points required to finish. The chalker shall not give any player a breakdown to finish i.e. 16, double 16 to finish 48

9. In the event of a dispute, teams are to contact the President or one of the other Executive to address the issue. Disputes must be received within 7 (seven) days of the event in question. When addressing a dispute, all parties should be considerate of the time when the dispute is registered and should be in control of their faculties. (Don’t call in the wee hours of the morning or while under the influence.)

10. Each team is to submit league fees of $30.00 per player and an additional $30.00 for the team eg.6 players + team =
$210.00) along with their team roster prior to the first week of play. Failure to submit a roster and / or league fees before schedule commencement may result in team disqualification.

11. CVMDA will not carry over any monies from one season to another. All monies collected will be paid out.

12. Prizes will be awarded based on the Stats at the end of the season.
a. A player may only be awarded one prize per category.
b. In order to receive prizes for
i. Team Standings, Most improved Average, Finishes Ratio and/or High Average; players must have played 60% of the season.
ii. 180’s, High Score and/or High Checkout players must have paid full membership fees regardless of number of games played. In the event that more than one player qualifies for the aforementioned a 9 (nine) dart total darts throw off will determine standings.
c. Prizes are set out as follows:

1ST = 50%         2ND = 30%         3RD = 20%

1ST = $30         2ND = $20         3RD = $10

1ST = $30        2ND = $20         3RD = $10

For the remaining categories, players must have paid their season’s membership, regardless of the number of games played.

180’s                            HIGH SCORE                    HIGH CHECKOUT
1ST = $30                       $30                                               $30
2ND = $20
3RD = $10

* Team Standings total will consist of balance of monies after payouts for Statistician, banking fees (if any), any approved expenditures and individual awards.